Today we are still urged to be ashamed of our natural emotions and instincts. However, “nature” is the most perfect and poetic one and it should be sanctified and celebrated. I consider the nature sacred and try to pursue a life of beliefs and actions that adapt to her, thus I do not hesitate to let my instincts and intuitions direct me.  My artistic language lies somewhere between witchcraft rituals and my femininity.

I’m investigating the energy that guides me and I paint in order to make what is invisible, visible to the eye. I paint with natural materials that I process by hand. I am interested in the procedure of extracting colour from the nature herself - making pigments using flowers, earth and other organic materials to create paintings charged with natural energy. Each ingredient’s character plays an important part as the main goal is to enable the painting to become metaphysically - and physically - the sacred energy itself.

It is generally about capturing my current energies on a two dimensional surface. As a matter of fact, in the very moment of transmission, the texture, the smell of the natural pigments becomes a sensual catalyst for my gestures, inciting me to remain aware in the present moment.

This, surfaced with my desire to address female sexuality through a witchcraft ritual symbolism that occurs on an interface first and foremost. The parts that constitute my practice may be deemed as a sort of sanctification and although they are parts of a whole, they also have the meaning of the whole by themselves. In this sense, they can be compared to a fractal structurally. It has always made me happy to create rituals, altars and sacred places of my own. When I started learning more about occult practices, I started feeling more confident about forming my own codes and reaching the energy of the whole through my own nature. Of course, there are many more dimensions and unexperienced feelings to be discovered and this fact excites me a lot. Just as altar is a physical area that is full of meditative stimulators incorporating certain phenomena where metaphysical formations are regulated by the tangible, my production process and the results of this process have a similar existence. In order to reach a certain state, the mind needs a physical catalyst and to feed from all of its sensations. For me, the idea of being a catalyst, essentially underlays the objects I use in my work. In addition to this, in order to form a visual altar, I like to document the distinguishing sensations I encounter, concepts and the entities that affect me visually and the camera of my mobile phone is my biggest help in the process of collection.

In simplest terms, my works witness the physical structure of the female energy. It’s the energy of creative force and softness - which we all possess at certain level, regardless of our gender. I believe that the male and female aspects in the nature constitute an inseparable whole and need to be celebrated. It is also the manifestation of my own version of female sexuality. Being born and raised in Turkey, my life and practice echoes the tensions of political history on the female body in lands of Eastern magic. Connecting female sexuality with the ritualistic witchcraft practices, I follow natural instincts to reveal a hue of perception of femininity.

In 2015 I have created Dirty Witch Studio as a virtual mood board. It is one of my altars. What I presented until so far was a highly subjective perspective. It originated from a simple self centred area of inspiration which reflected my own aesthetic understanding. It was also a kind of a reaction to the all-male dominant, patriarchal form of the Turkish society and the oppression of sexual/erotic expression liberty over women. In time, I realised I was not alone in these thoughts, my instagram account slowly became part of a larger body. The fact that the majority of my followers are Turkish women comforts me and makes me see that some urges have not went numb, instead they are forced to act as if they are numb. With all that said, I perceive life in a sexy/erotic way so the least I can do is to offer a point of view that liberates these women in a way and make them feel as a part of a larger coven, show them they are not alone.